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Trailers For Beach Cruiser

Trailers for bicycles come in a few different forms. The two different types are: child trailers and pet trailer. They attach to the cruisers along with many other accessories will be discussed going forward. This post will discuss the different trailers you can add to your beach cruisers (or any bicycle for that matter) to make them more enjoyable.

Pet Trailers

ocean beach cruisers - dog trailersWhile many beaches in Southern California do not allow pets on the beach itself, you can have them with you on the bike paths that line the beaches. Instead of feeling guilty leaving your dog at home while you’re enjoying the outdoors, bring them to the beach legally and still enjoy your bike ride by adding a pet cart trailer to your bicycle!

These are really cool attachments that allow you to pull your pet around in a mini-trailer that attaches to the back of the bicycle.

I see these all the time at the beach and they’re getting more popular. Last week I saw a mobile dog grooming van parked in the back of the main lot. You could bring your dog to the van and have him or her groomed while you’re at the actual beach where the dogs are not allowed.

You and your family can spend an hour or two at the beach itself while your doggie is getting groomed.