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Welcome to Ocean Beach Cruisers. If you are here, hopefully its because you love bicycles as much as we do! As an activity driven person who loves to vacation, play sports, and beach regularly, I welcome you with you to my blog! I grew up in San Diego and in the summers on Long Island and spent most of the time riding around Fire Island. It’s all about the bicycles, which anyone who knows the Island, can tell you is the only way to get around other than walk because its under 10 miles in width.

As an adult I have a love for many leisure sports including scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and cycling to name a few. I now live on the west coast and not only have beach cruisers become a popular means of transportation, they are commonly used for vacationing and relaxation as well. Although they are mostly seen along coastline cities, they have become popular in just about every city again in recent years.

Southern California has many paths that are great for a cruiser, it just depends on where you want to go or where you are vacationing. Florida is also known for having beaches with great bicycle paths and lots of shops that you can rent from.

A beach cruiser is a heavier bicycle that has bigger tires, known as balloon tires. They’re easy to ride on and have good stability so really the majority of people no matter what age or size can enjoy riding. The actual term “beach cruiser” was originally used in Newport Beach, California at shop that recycled bikes, and also produced their own cruiser. This wasn’t until the late 1970s, ¬†however the first ever cruisers were made in the 1930s depression era and stayed popular until the 50s.

I will be blogging weekly on different topics to do with bicycles, but mainly about cruisers, new innovations in cycles and a little bit on surrey bikes as well. There are a lot of recent innovations with the production of electric bikes. I will also let you know about new great places to ride or vacation with beach cruisers.  Feel free to post comments and questions, I am always open to discussion forums and thanks for visiting.


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