Hey my name is Steve, my friends usually call me by my nickname Cruizin’ (not sure how that came to be but I like it and it always stuck). I was born and raised in La Jolla, San Diego. My family did well financially as my dad owned his own pretty large plumbing company. This enabled my mom to stay home and raise me and my two sisters Steph and Lori. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to spend my years growing up, San Diego is beautiful and has so much to offer. We also spent a lot of time of our summers back east on Long Island and went to Fire Island where there was a lot of bike ridin!

As of this writing I’m 23 years old and own my own bicycle fabrication business. My love for bicycles started when I was a kid (like everyone else probably), as we would spend just about every weekend riding on many of the awesome beaches San Diego has to offer,

But my favorite beach to always ride was Ocean Beach in San Diego. I still go there to this day and ride for fun and to test out the new bicycles I built. I build mainly beach cruiser bicycles as you might imagine. It’s my passion and i couldn’t think of a better job. Now you get why my site is called Ocean Beach Cruisers! I don’t sell anything on this site, but you can contact me here if you’re interested, as I’m pretty well known for what I do and am constantly busy cranking out bicycles.

Anyway, this blog will not only be about beach cruiser bicycles, but also the interesting experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met in Ocean Beach. Lots a wild stuff can go on at the beaches here and can’t wait to share it with ya!